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Golf and Jetta IV 312mm Big Brake Up-grade

Before you begin:

Paint carriers if desired two days prior to installation with caliper paint.

Parts Needed:

Item Description                        Part Number          Quantity

312mm Audi Brake Disc            8L0 615 301            2 EA

312mm Audi Caliper Carrier      8N0 615 125            2 EA

Tools needed

1) 7 mm Hex tool (1/2" socket works best)

2) 1/2" drive socket set (make sure you have 18mm, 19mm)

3) Torque Wrench 110 Nm or 80 ft lb

4) Lock tight, tread lock sealant

5) Anti-seize grease

6) Spray paint

7) Disc brake quiet compound

8) Impact screwdriver set

9) Flat tip number 2 screwdriver

10) Long nosed pliers

11) Brake parts cleaner

12) 1/2" breaker bar

13) large hammer, BFH

14) Rubber mallet or soft faced hammer

15) Wire brush

Lets Do it!  Removal

1)  First either raise the VW up with a lift or lift the front end up with a jack and use jack stands.

2)  Remove your wheels using the 19mm and breaker bar or impact wrench (be careful when using air powered tools).

3)  Remove the plastic plugs for the alignment pins and use the 7mm hex tool to remove the alignment pin.  Remove the anti-rattle wires using the flat tip screwdriver and then the caliper saddle and place it so the brake line does not stretch out and cause damage to inner rubber tubing.

4)  Using the breaker bar, socket wrench, and 18mm socket  remove the carrier,  remove the two bolts on the bearing housing holding the carrier.  
Notice the tread lock compound on the bolts.

5)  Remove the brake disc rotor alignment screw using the impact screwdriver set.  Using a soft faced hammer or rubber mallet to tap the disc rotor loose.  Use the wire brush to clean the surface of the hub.

6)  Clean inside of axel nut area and paint with sprat paint (do this to prevent rust in this area)

Installation Time!

1)  Apply the anti-seize compound on the hub and clean the new rotors with brake parts cleaner.  Install rotor, use anti-seize on the screw too.  Make sure the rotor fits good and flat (this is why you used the wire brush)

2)  Install the caliper carrier to the bearing housing using the 18mm socket and wrench, apply lock tight or some kind of tread locking compound to these bolts.  Finish off tightening these bolts with the breaker bar.  Make sure these are tight.

3)  Apply a thin coat of anti-seize compound on the milled surfaces of the carrier, install the caliper saddle with pads.  Open up the caliper if needed to make room for the new pads and rotor.  Install the pads using the disc brake compound which secure the pads to the caliper to prevent pad rattle and squeal.  Install the 7mm alignment pins to the caliper and carrier.  No tread lock is needed here and the pins should not be over tightened, reinstall the plastic plugs to the rubber sleeves.

4)  Install the anti-rattle wires to the carrier and caliper using the long nosed pliers, try not to scratch your paint job.

5)  Reinstall the wheels and use torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts.  Set torque wrench to either 110Nm or 80 ft lbs.

6)  Lower VW and apply the brakes a few times to set the calipers to the rotor.

7)  Test drive, apply the brakes often to allow the brakes to heat up and mate with the pads.  I use the Autobahn but you could use any road to do this as long as you get some speed up.  Note please turn off your stereo to listen to any unusual sounds and feel steering wheel for any vibrations.

8) No weird sounds or vibrations then you are good, go and play! AutoX or whatever!!!


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