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My 2000 GTI VR6


nickname:  BambergVR6

This is is my 15th Volkswagen, second GTI.  I originally got into Volkswagens in New Mexico were I was 15 1/2 and my Father bought me a 1968 Automatic stick shift.  I ended up wrecking it on a newspaper route.  After the wreck I had to replace my front end beam and I got a used lowered one.  The rest is history.  I have had 12 different air-cooled Volkswagens, two of them being quality show cars.  I have owned 3 water-cooled Volkswagens, two of them being  Golf GTIs.  This latest GTI has to be the best GTI that VW has produced.  I have done quite a few modifications to it to make it more performance oriented and gave it a more sportier appearance.

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My car at Car shows (Car Show are from Europe only)

Front End shots

Rear end shots

Pictures around Bamberg (pictures of my GTI in or around Bamberg)

Passenger side profile

Drivers side profile

Before and After Pictures

Audi Sport Wheels and the Offset question